About Us

Derby County Community Trust have been commissioned for another year to run the Opportunity Area Inclusion Programme and working in collaboration with a number of organisations and specialists to provide a range of inclusion support for colleagues.

Derby County Community Trust are in touch with a range of specialist organisations that can provide preventative, early intervention support through small group sessions or focussed one to one mentoring for children and young people.

OA Inclusion Programme Mission

The Inclusion Programme seeks to increase the capacity and capability of mainstream schools to provide effective inclusion interventions and support vulnerable students.

What is inclusion?

Inclusion is ensuring all people feel included regardless of their race, gender, disability, medical or other need. Inclusion is about allowing equal opportunities and removing actions of discrimination towards individuals.

Derby Direction aims:

  • Create a website that signposts colleagues to appropriate providers to support inclusion needs
  • All schools have access the a variety of providers
  • Colleagues have the opportunity to download a report that they can look through after visiting the Derby Direction website
  • Raise awareness for colleagues of specialists in the system
  • Prevent children and young people not feeling included by offering services that support inclusion
  • Support colleagues to have a good understanding of how they can access services in the system

We believe that:

  • Every child and young person should feel included and treated equally
  • Every child and young person should have the right to speak and share their thoughts
  • Every child and young person should be able to receive support for their needs
  • Every child and young person should receive the appropriate support for their individual needs
  • Everyone should show respect, empathy and understanding towards every individual