Together we support individual needs

The Derby Direction website allows schools and those who work with children and young people to see the support services available to them in the local area, focusing on the topic of inclusion. This website has been designed for colleagues to navigate and find the universal, targeted or specialist support services they require, with the option to download and save a bespoke report.

Here's how to use Derby Direction...

01 Choose a topic heading from the main menu below to access the relevant services.
02 Use the filters to find the services that best suits the needs of your learner.
03 Select 'Add to report' to add the service's information to your print-out.
04 If you need to access a different topic category, click 'Return to topic selection' and select another heading from the main menu (your progress will be saved automatically as you go along).
05 Once you have added all the services you require to your report, click 'View my report' to download and print.

PLEASE NOTE: All progress will be lost if you close your browser or the Derby Direction tab.