Training Webinars

In this section we will share useful training webinars and workshops. For more great webinars on the topic of inclusion, visit the Independent Thinking website.

Parent Experiences of EBSNA by Dr Rachel Sawyer

A Sense of Belonging by Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Baby People Workshop

A session covering the use of hip hop culture, music and the arts as a way of engaging young people who are struggling to engage in mainstream education.

Bridge the Gap Workshop

View the Bridge the Gap online session.

Safe and Sound Workshop

During this one-hour virtual session you will learn: what Safe and Sound does, what is child exploitation, the grooming process, spotting the signs of exploitation, who may be most at risk of child exploitation and how Safe and Sound supports children and young people. Any child, regardless of their age, sex, family background or culture can be the victim of exploitation. By raising awareness of child exploitation, and adjusting potentially harmful behaviours at an early stage, we can prevent exploitation ever happening - avoiding a devastating experience for the child and their family.

Safer Together Workshop

View the insightful online session following the official launch of the Safer Together Strategy for Derby city. We are pleased to invite education partners to be part of the journey in supporting our young people to build a safer city together.

Restorative Conversations

Signposting - Evidence-Based Approaches

The Thrive Approach

A graduated response to working with your EP

ACE’s theory into practice

Benefits of interventions

De-escalation Strategies

EEF guidance overview, reasons behind challenging behaviour

LEGO Therapy

Restorative Behaviour